History of Our Bar

Originally the Hoosier was called the Snook Inn and was located on US 41 downtown Osprey. Tamiami Trail was a two lane highway at the time and the bar was located at what now would be considered the middle of the road. In 1960 the highway was widened and the bar was moved and renamed The Hoosier Inn.

Osprey was the fishing village of Sarasota County and the Hoosier was the only bar in the area. Everyone has always felt at home at the Hoosier. It was very famous for fresh seafood right off the boat. Someone once came in to sell shrimp but after seeing the size and quantity of shrimp and stone crabs at the Hoosier, they quickly realized that the Hoosier was obviously in the wrong bar to sell seafood.

In the late sixties Rosie bought the Hoosier and renamed it Rosie’s Hoosier Inn she was well loved and respected by everyone who met her. In 1999 Doug and Teresa Clarke bought the Hoosier and are still the owners to this day, they have kept not only the locals but everyone in the area feel at home while visiting their establishment.

In 2004 the Hoosier was rebuilt a half mile south of the original location, the owners felt the bar had to stay in Osprey and keep the Hoosier name for the bar is considered a legacy by everyone from all over the United States. The Hoosier is not only a local bar but is visited by well known musicians, bikers, and movie stars. Everyone is welcome and we are available for you at no cost to have your party at our bar. Come and visit our friendly staff and become part of the family.